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Fuzion Home Décor
Infusing tradition into modern living

Fuzion Home Décor creates beauty in the spaces within by working with materials, colors, and designs in order to make your surroundings look visually pleasing.
Innovative and visionary... Fuzion Décor has the vision of turning your space into a place of heavenly joy with both client and comfort in mind.
Fuzion's approach to every space is unique, bringing out individual expression while blending das of color and modernism while keeping tradition. Infusion of color and fabrics while expressing tasteful art and metallic painting into the vision that illustrates eye pleasing comfort and living.


I grew up watching my mother and grandfather create intricate design patterns for making one of kind dresses to unique upholstery and draperies.
As a child, I would assist my mother with her creations and I would get to see the joy on her client’s faces. That joy has been my inspiration to take what she taught me, start my own décor, and design my business.
My inspiration begins with understanding the needs of the clients and then creating a customized décor plan that brings out their vision. I offer a wide array of fabrics in a variety of colors and blends directly from India for their windows, pillows and bed sets. Further enhancing the rooms with custom-made arts and crafts that blend with the fabrics used.
My happiness comes from seeing the joy on my clients face by turning their homes into a visual paradise of their dreams.


“You did an absolutely wonderful job of infusing the boldness of orange and blue, draping it with sea of white to give it a bright modern appearance.

Thank you for your creativity and professionalism”

-Lori and Brian-Homeowners